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Pet Post

About Us

We are shocked by how many pets every single day gets stolen or run away, from home, or just vanish, in the thin blue air. It is tremendously important to act fast. A minute response can be a minute too late. As we all know, the Amber Alert for disappearing children, has shown to be very effective, we now have created the PetAlert.

PetPost.info is the safest and fastest channel available to secure yourself and your pets.

Register you and your animals NOW, and you are guaranteed, on a global level within 1 minute. All members can be signed up for a mail, a PetPost Alert, when a pet is registered Lost in your area. Please be aware to register our mails as not spam

If you only want to use our databases to look for an owner, of an animal you have found, you'll sign a Basic Membership. The payment for being a Basic member is symbolic 20 USD a year, and has the sole purpose, of seeing who uses our search function.

Should you wish to upgrade to our Standard membership later, it is always possible. Payment is annual. Do you want to use all our features and register your pets, you can sign up with a Standard Membership for 40 USD a year.

As a member, there is a startup fee that is only charged the first time you sign up, that is 20 USD. Then it's only the annual membership fee you pay. Please note that the annual amount is paid on time. If not paid on time, all your registrations will be hidden, and you will have to start all over with the payment. You will always get an email notification in time for paying.

As a Standard member, you can register an unlimited number of pets. Should one of your pets get lost, it will maximum take up to 1 minute to register it Lost, and it will be shown in the database globally as missing. When a pet is registered Lost, you have the option to print out a Lost poster with the pets photo.

If there is a finder for your pet, looking for an owner in our databases, your contact information will be displayed immediately. The address will be hidden, so only your phone numbers are displayed. At each pet there is also a comment option that can be used, if the pet has been spotted.

In our shop we will be offering good quality accessories for pets, and some pet related items. Our future project is that we will offer NFC chip to our member's pets. This will mean even greater security for your pet. There will be more about this project later. Be free to email us at any time with your questions.

We have chosen to use PayPal as our paying solution, because it is the only system that accepts all cards, on a global level.

Please tell & share about our options. The more pets we have on our site, the better options you have as an owner, to get your pet back, and to help other pet owners to get theyre.

Let us all help each other !

Lost pets. Found pets.
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